Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Begging

I've decided to start with the most interesting topic of the Grinding section of this guide.

Begging is often frowned upon because of the whiny, persistent nature of most users of this technique.

However, there are good ways to beg, and to collect cash.

Please use this technique only if you really need the cash.

These are techniques I've used on reroll's and alts on a different faction/server.

Kindness Tip 1:
Whisper your target, don't use general or trade.

Kindness Tip 2:
Be sure that your target will have enough money to give you- don't ask like-leveled people or even people in their mid 50s-70s- they probably are still living on the day's wages.

Kindness Tip 3:
Thank your benefactors.

Strategy 1:
Explain yourself.

Explain why you need the money. For example, I wanted to buy a skinning knife on an opposite faction, and a new server. I had 34c and the skinning knife costs 78c. I was so very sad when I saw how expensive it was.

I saw an 80 (So he probably has a couple copper to spare). I asked for 44c to buy a skinning knife, because that is all I needed. He rode over to me and dropped me a good 5g.

Strategy 2:
Don't ask for large amounts.

While you can still get a donation of several gold, never ask for more than 5 (at starter levels) and don't ask for much more than you need at your current level. If it costs 5g for each of three skills you need to train, don't ask for more that 20g.

Strategy 3:
Don't ask for a donation, ask for a loan or loan-donation combination (a lotion or doan).

Generally this is for somebody you know, a friend or a guildie. Here you can ask for a large amount of gold- eg. 2k loan for the rest of epic flying, or something similar. Figure out a payment plan (for that it was 100g whenever I got it- I got 1.5k from auctions the next day so I sent all of it). For some people it may be 10g everyday until you've paid back, some may be 100g a week, or lots of 100g whenever you can spare it.

Don't default on your loans- thats just a bad move. It gives you a bad reputation and you won't get any more gold from that person.

Strategy 4:

Many people offer lap dances in the Stormwind auction house for 5g. You can do better than that. Put together a series of macros that include a speech, some standard emotes and some custom emotes. If you have cool trinkets or pets, you can use those. Put on a magic show in a heavily populated place- Orgrimmar or Stormwind and then ask for tips.

Strategy 5:

Make bets that you feel confidant that you can win, but that look like the odds are in the other person's favor. If you have the Really Sticky Glue bet an (reputable) 80 200g that if you duel them you can flee before they can kill you. This works best if you are a lower level.

Thats what I have to say for today... I'll try to continue Gronko's guides for you in the next few days/weeks.

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