Friday, February 5, 2010

How to become 'the (Love) Fool'

First off, to get this title, and the Meta, you will have to be at least 75ish if not 80.

Charming: Take the bands you get from your gift boxes and use them on people who have broken hearts.

Flirt with Disaster: Do what the text says. Get Smashed. Go to IF. Find the Pie Vendor Srazz (he walks around the great forge). Rose him and /kiss him.

Dangerous Love: Pick up the "Dagnerous Love" quest in either SW or UC. Follow the orders. You end up in Hillsbrad. There, you will want to click on the cauldron when all is said and done.

The Rocket's Pink Glare: All you need to do is have a decent internet connection. Once you get the 10 rockets which you should be able to get by doing the quests, just bind them to a button and hit that button for 20 seconds. By the end, all 10 should have been shot and you'll have yourself an achievement.

Sweet Tooth: You'll get boxes of chocolate from the quests as well. Open them and eat teh chocolates!

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose: You can get the Ebon Rose from the Prince in UK, the Maiden in HoS, or the Prince in AK:OK. You can get the Red Roses from the same as well as the Princess in BRD, Illyanna in Dire Maul, or the Archivist in Stratholme.

Shafted: Get 10 arrows from the quests. Find 10 players who are not currently shot. Shoot them.

Lonely?: You have to get to Dalaran for this one, which may be a difficulty for some people, but I'm sure some mages will set up shop in downtown SW selling ports 'cheap'. Anyways, get a picnic yourself or find someone who does, sit down and eat a chocolate with em. You get to keep the picnic basket and it is always nice to have a picnic with KT.

Nation of Adoration: You need to get five Love tokens, plus a special Item for each of your four capital cities. The item is only available through flirting with that city's guards. Do so and you can put together the four gifts you need for this achievement.

Fistful of Love: Find one of each of the listed type. If you can't find what you're looking for it is technically possible to throw together a trial account, create a toon of the required type and then flower em. I did that with the Troll Rogue.

Be Mine!: This one was a terror last year. You need 3 or 4 bags which were all very difficult to find to have a good chance of finding all 8. However, due to massive amounts of QQ, in 3.1 Blizz patched the achievement so that it only required any 6 of the 8. This means many people logged on to find that they did in fact have the achievement, long after the holiday had past.

I Pitied the Fool: This is the difficult one. You need to get into the Culling of Stratholme- a level 75+ instance. Naxxramas- a level 80+ raid and Wintergrasp- a dangerous place to be if you are not 80 and very dangerous if you are below 70. However, you can /pity someone else's fool, so you don't have to expend all of your charges.

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