Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I'm going to be processing several updates to the site.

I've joined blogazeroth.com and they have a whole section of their forums dedicated to blogger and to little gadgets I can add, so I'll be listing those gadgets as I work with them.

  1. Achievement Tracker: Using WoWArmory's new tracker I can now show you the achievements of Alenena. However, if you click on the icon on the gadget you will open up the appropriate wowhead page. In the gadget- don't do that.
  2. Label List: A list of all of my labels, and how many times I've used each of them. Standard stuff.
  3. Title Image: Managed to fix the top image to fit within the borders.
  4. Search: You can now use Google Search on the page.
  5. Resource Websites: A list of links of very good websites. Useful for everyone.
  6. RSS Subscrition Feed: You can now subscribe to the blog.
  7. Contact: My blog email where you should be able to reach me if you want to let me know about all of your brilliant ideas.

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