Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I just wanted to get my opinion heard on Blizz's big PR stunt. Half of the proceeds from the Pandaren Monk vanity pet went to Make A Wish foundation. $1,100,000. That is a lot of money. 200,000 people each bought the monk for $10 and, as advertised, half went Make A Wish.

Many people are up in arms about the fact that Blizz did not donate all 100% or that Blizz has not lowered the price now that the charity part of the sale is over.

As someone wise said in a reply to one of these trolls, "When was the last time you donated $1.1 million to charity?"

Seriously, Blizz didn't have to do this. Blizz chose to do this. Yes, they made a million off of it. Yes, they got a small tax write-off for it. Yes, it was good PR. But, most importantly, Yes, they did donate a HUGE amount of money to charity.

This was yet another way to make some cash, but look at the numbers. There are, at last count at least 10,000,000 accounts. Multiply that by $15 a month. Answer: $150,000,000. Yeah, although blizz doesn't need the extra million they made from selling the Pandaren, Activision (their parent company) does. Blizz is the only part of activision that was in the blue Q3 2009. The rest of the entire company was in the red.

Beyond that, yesterday, I was on my newbie hunter (Horde, Silver Hand) and I didn't have enough copper to buy a skinning knife. It costs a piddling 78c. I had 34c. It was absolutely pathetic. I saw a 80 ride buy and asked for 44c to buy a skinning knife. He gives me 5 gold. This simple donation made my day.

The 80 didn't have to give me anything. But he did. Then, one might ask, why didn't he give me more? I mean, just by queuing for a Heroic he can get 30g+ or if he runs a couple dailies he can get the same in about five minutes. He probably had thousands of gold, why not give more- its not like such small numbers are vital to him. But he didn't have to, he gave more than was expected- in fact, I didn't expect to be able to afford a skinning knife. I was lucky that someone so kind wandered by. Similarly, Make A Wish was lucky that blizz decided to donate.

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