Sunday, January 31, 2010

A month?

Well, It has been a month since I began this venture. In that time I've had 50 independent posts (this is #50). I've only been late once and the majority of the posts had content.

I think another reasonable tradition to begin would be a end-of-the-month wrap-up. So without further ado, what I did this month, in game and in blog.

As this was my first month, I introduced myself, by way of my characters and started on some basics. I began, well everything that is going on here, the daily post, the daily screenshot. With that in mind you can now send me emails at if you want to either submit a topic of discussion or an image for the daily.

Additionally I covered all of the Heroics required for Glory of the Hero (Its a Compilation).

I covered my opinion on wiping and trolling (Wiping and Have you ever...TROLLED?).

I've mentioned what I find funny about all of the classes in WoW (Humerous).

Next month I hope to cover gold farming, power leveling, achievement getting, raids and possibly some speculation on Cataclysm or other future expansions. And by speculation I mean 'wishful thinking'. But who knows?

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