Friday, February 19, 2010

I had a plan...

And that plan was to get both my DKs that I'm interested in leveling to 80 before March 13.

I don't know how well its going to work out, because I have an inability to level more than one character at a time. One of them has leveled three times in as many days, with about 7-9 hours /played. He is a tank and therefore has been abusing the pugger system. The other one, although he has a tank spec does not have tank gear, and so he be a DPS. This means he can quest efficiently, but instances are just a pain for him.

If I take into account bad pugs, it is generally easier for him to just quest at this point rather than run runs.

I'd say more, but my brain is telling me to stop thinking, so I might do that.

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