Saturday, February 20, 2010


Or so I've been told...

Anyways, since this is the big news in WoW, I've decided to write my take on it.

I am not going to bother posting everything about patch 3.3.3 because this is not a new blog. This is a personal opinion, experiences etc... blog. It simply doesn't make sense for me to post what other people have posted hours or days ago, in less detail. If you want news, check mmochampion or wowinsider.

Anyways, 3.3.3 is going to be a minor update patch. They are going to fix a few things in games, mostly balance issues and they will also be touching up the BG system.

For the BG system they are removing Marks of Honor as well as buffing the HK honor gain. This is wonderful for me because it will allow me to not only get the PvP mounts, but I will also be able to finish off my Lv 60 PvP set.

Additionally, news has been leaked of the upcoming patch 3.3.5 which doesn't make sense to me because 3.3.3 has just been released on the ptr and there has been no mention of 3.3.4.

With respect to 3.3.5, they have announced more bosses for the place below Wyrmrest Temple. This is supposed to be the forerunner to the Cata world event but the bosses will have Lich King level loot tables.

The above fact makes me very sad. Because of the loot levels there will be a corresponding difficulty and I feel that it is very unlikely that TOC will be able to get through the place. I would find it much more agreeable if it were on the same level as regular ICC or perhaps even ToC.

Anyways, I also disagree that if these new dragons are implemented that Arthas is the last boss of the expansion, because there were bosses that came after him.

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