Friday, February 26, 2010

Greedy Gronko's Grand Gold Gathering Guide: Questing

I would go in the order specified, but I'm going to do a separate post for each of the professions, so that will take a while. Anyways- on to questing.

Questing is the primary way most players make their gold as they level. This is because it involves mob killing as well as dungeoneering as integral parts.

Most quests will reward you with gold (or lesser forms of money) as well as items. You will quickly upgrade these items and you will be able to sell the previous items for more gold.

However, the most gold comes to you when you hit the level cap, because then all xp you earn from quests is turned into extra gold generated for you.

For the best quests, do dailies. They're simple, repetitive and they never run out. Since they're dailies, they come back every day and you can hit them again.

For TBC you get around 6g per daily (at cap). For WotLK you get a bit over 13g per daily. You will clearly want to be running the WotLK dailies as much as you can.

I would personally suggest doing dailies in Storm Peaks- so as to get Sons of Hodir rep (if you need it). If not them, you can work in either HF, DB and BT to get Kalu'ak rep or go to Sholazar to get Frenzyheart/Oracles rep.

After you get all rep'ed up, definitely go to the Argent Tournament. If you can't joust well at all, I suggest that you try the other dailies in Icecrown. However, if you can manage to joust, the dailies at the AT will also give you Champion's Seals, another form of currency.

Another option is speed-running old world and TBC quests. You will be able to one shot nearly all classic regular mobs at 80 if you're dps specced and most TBC mobs won't present any form of challenge at all. If you run enough you can make some serious bank as well as earning the benefits of getting the rarer things that you can only find in Old World Azeroth.

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