Monday, January 4, 2010

More of Before

I've decided to continue this article in the same strain as 'yesterdays'. I'll go over a few tips for some of the Wrath 5 mans as well as touch upon the achievements. So without further ado- Borean Tundra.

Nexus: Not too much to worry about here. Are you 80? If yes, go grab your epic loot. If not, its still easy.
  1. Fighting Grand Magus Telestra if you are going for the achievement, if you have a DK or Pally tanking, they can easily silence two of the copies, make a huddle with them allowing the dps to AoE them down ridiculously quickly.
  2. If you go for the achievement with Anomalus either have a mage or have everyone decked out in t9 gear or better. The mage should toss up dampen magic and then the fight is trivialized. If not, when Anomalus becomes invulnerable, everyone should back up to about 15-20 yds behind the tank so that they don't get hit by chain lightning. Again, if you are a pally or DK you can bubble or ams to prevent a significant amount of damage during Anomalus' third invulnerability period (at 25%).
  3. For Keristraza, hit the space bar. Paladins have several defenses against her Crystallize ability (heroic only). If you are human or have the trinket you have that (yay for being broken). Additionally they have cleanse which can remove it from anyone, Hand of Freedom, which removes it and can be cast on the tank or healer before Keristraza freezes you (when she shouts "Stay, enjoy your final moments" or something to that effect. You can then bubble/trinket yourself and since those aren't on the GCD you can cleanse another party member.
Occulus: Not too much to worry about here. Are you 90? If no, drop group, everyone else will anyways so what does it matter?

  1. None of the fights until Ley-Guardian Eregos are diffiuclt. For Drakos the Interrogator just Chaerg in and beat his face up. Get your drakes, kill the ten constructs and fly over to Varos Cloudstrider's platform. Kill the blue flight around him so that they are not summoned during the fight. Every once in a while Varos will shoot purple sparks out of his head. Get off the side of the platform. Fire is bad. Don't stand in the fire. Pop up to Mage Lord Urom, chase him around the circle and then go down to his ring. Pre-pre-nerf-nerf (I think thats it, but it might be pre-nerf-pre-nerf) fighting Urom required coordination. You didn't want to stand in the snowy area and you didn't want to walk across it. He would be able to cast his arcane explosion several times and there were all sorts of problems. Now he goes down as easily as the Grand Magus downstairs.
  2. Ley-Guardian has been nerfed several times but it is still a difficult fight for a variety of reasons. First off, originally gear had nothing to do with it. In fact, gear has only plays a small factor now. Someone in full t9 won't do significantly better in quest greens and blues. Because gear is not a factor, skill, communication and coordination play a major role. Most players have the required skill, but they have to learn how to play a new class entirely (albeit a 3 ability class) as well as being able to maneuver in 3D. There are 3 main strategies for downing the big guy. There is the classic setup- 3 DPS, 1 Tank, 1 Healer. So 3 bronze, 1 ruby, 1 emerald. One or two of the bronze (amber w/e) will constantly channel (ability #3) except when they get 7-10 stacks or when he enrages. The other bronzes will spam 1 except when he enrages. The tank tanks and the healer heals. The three DPS will set it up so that they know when to Time Stop (TS). The proper time to TS is when he enrages (Enraged Assault (what a creative name)). When he shifts everyone runs away. Let the tank hit him first (best to fly behind him if you're the tank) so that they get aggro. Strategy 2 is everyone gets on a bronze drake. You assign each player a number 1-5. When the fight starts number 1 TS. Two or three of the party will channel #3 and the others will spam #1. When Eregos unfreezes, player number 2 will wait a second or two and then TS. Continuing in this manner Eregos will have 5 2 second periods of time in which he can attack during the first minute of the fight. Since TS has a 1 minute CD, player number 1 can TS again after this keeping him nearly perpetually frozen. The 3 accepted strategy is 3 ruby and 2 emerald. This is the hardest strategy because of the lack of overall DPS. When He enrages, the tanks should turn on evasive maneuvers and the healers should pray that they don't fall off their lil' dragons. A forth potential, but very risky strategy is is called the "Bah! That guy on the emerald drake DC'd again. Lets just pull now." When I managed to log back on, I was in combat and therefore could not mount up, consequently giving us the "Emerald Void" achievement. However, that denied me part of what I needed for "Experience Drake Rider." DC's are a double bladed internet sword.

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