Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Aw Bugger

Time to cover Violet Hold. Yay. A general rundown on all the fights: TANK 'N' SPANK.

  1. Erekem: Kill the adds first. Or second. It doesn't really matter, considering current DPS values.
  2. Moragg: He's so cuddly. He has some psychic attacks.
  3. Ichoron: Ichoron has a shield that absorbs 99% of all damage until 99 attacks have hit her. This means you should use your faster, cheapest attacks until the bubble bursts. At that point she will disperse, and you can either destroy each of the elementals individually or use one of the safety devices on the wall (pinkish diamond/brazier thingies). However, this will prevent you from getting Defenseless, but will almost guarantee Dehydration.
  4. Xevozz: He needs to be kited. And by 'needs' I mean, its suggested, but he'll probably be nuked to death before he can do too much damage. But the healer would like it if you moved him a little.
  5. Lavanthor: Dawwww Puppy! He has a firebreath attack so the tank wants to keep him facing away from the rest of the group.
  6. Zuramat the Obliterator: Nuke him for the achievement. Or when you get shadow sight, tab-target and kill the Void Sentries. This will make it easier on the healer, but it is not as important these days.
  7. Cyanigosa: It is a dragon guys! Stay away from the tail. Stay away from the cleave. Stay away from the breath attack. When she pulls everyone in, the go back to your previous position. Dodge the Blizzards. Nothin major. However, I'm waiting for the day when Blizz releases a dragon that has gills, so it can release its breath to the sides and you WANT to stand in front of it.

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