Friday, January 1, 2010

Bloody Escort Quests

Guess who just finished one (answer: me). Guess who hates them (answer: everyone). Escort quests have always seemed to be a slow and clunky mechanic to me. Free From the Hold is a pain in the ass. Your escortee, Gilthares Firebough, is a total noob. He apparently hit the walk key and doesn't know how to switch it off. Additionally, it appears that he thinks that you get more xp by attacking every single thing you see, which he does. While assaulting the entirety of Northwatch he claims that he is the one being attacked. With the release of TBC, the escortees are no longer masochistic. They follow a path and they don't end up aggroing to many mobs, however, they are still plagued by weak legs. When I was leveling my DK through Outland (Malkhelm, 73 atm) I proceeded to pick up Escape from Umbrafen. Admittedly, once she gets out of Umbrafen village she begins to run, but at that point my bank rolled toon had flying. As of patch 3.2 that means he was going at 260% of normal running speed. When TBC was first released, you had to be 70 to have flying and 500+ gold to get an epic ground mount so it was definitely possible to be in Outland without even epic ground, but with what Blizzard has done to leveling you should definitely have epic ground and possibly even flying by the time you ding 60. It would be nice if escortees moved at the rate you moved, making them considerably less of a pain and making them take less time. If Blizz went back and applied what they learned for TBC to classic escort quests and made it possible for the NPCs to move faster it would have taken me 3 minutes to complete Free From the Hold rather than 30.

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