Friday, January 8, 2010

Lore and Mashed Potatoes

I like Mashed Potatoes. This is a fact. That is your serving of Mashed Potatoes for this post. YUM.

In other news.... I've often come up with ideas that I would like to try out on an RP server, but haven't gotten around to fleshing out completely.

Idea Number 1: A rogue who has finally gotten over fighting. His/her entire family has died due to the massive wars that have covered the plane as well as other planes. While he is not pacifistic, he tries to avoid combat and weapons as much as possible. His main distinguishing feature will be duel-wielding a pick ax and a skinning knife.

Idea Number 2: A classic. Forsaken DK. She had been training as a priest when she fell to the plague in Stratholme. She was left in Northern Lorderon for a few years and was finally freed from the Lich King's control shortly after Sylvanas broke free. Born again she took the path of the warrior and fought the Lich King as a knight. When she was killed and raised again as his minion, he saw her worth and presented her to Instructor Rasuvius. She passed his tests and became a Death Knight. At the Battle of Lights Hope she broke free again. Since then, she has strived to be more like one of the paladins who saved her from the Lich Kings thrall.

Idea Number 3: Another classic. The common man forced to be a warrior for his nation. He would have a simple suit- this (click the triangle in the left corner to view in 3D). I would add hats, belts, gloves etc... as long as they kept the 'common' look. Shoulders are out of the question, as they are waaaay to fancy for a farmer to have.

Idea Number 4: This one would be a pain to level. The magic-fearing mage. He would not cast any spells, nor use his wand. He would melee. Everything. Unto death. It would take a while. While it is an interesting idea it is so much less plausible than the others that I would be least likely to try this.

Idea Number 5: The Pacifist. He would never kill anything. Never do damage. Again, this a pain, but just as plausible than the mage. The mage would try to kill things but would fail, the pacifist would avoid combat and quests that require killing. He would take gathering quests and courier quests, but could not do more. An interesting question is whether or not there are enough quests available in all of WoW for this to be possible. Once at 10 he could stay in BGs and gather exp that way, but that would be, to a degree, cheating. Additionally, he would not group with players in order to do quests that require killing. Probably a priest or druid.

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