Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Might as well...

I should be leveling my DK or lock, but I've decided to treat you all to a FREE TRIP FOR FIVE to Utgarde Keep.

Utgarde Keep:Before 3.3 I had learned to hate UK. Especially the prince. I've killed him more than I've killed Onyxia and I spent a couple months soloing her on a weekly basis. Anyhoo, it got to be boring because trash pulls went by so slowly.
  1. Prince Keleseth: In the room with all the proto drakes I've taken to trying to pull the entire room in a single pull. Sometime the healers get a little bothered if I forget to mention it, but often enough they're quite content to do as much as possible and quickly as possible. Right, the 'Boss' fight. Hit him with your stick. Or your fist. Or your magic. Nothing fancy. He has 192,200 HP. Thats less than some mobs in reg Pit of Saron. They have over 300k. He's a pushover. When going for the achievement, don't use any aoe at all unless you are a paladin, then you have the right, and responsibility to use Holy Wrath on the skeletons he raises. This stuns them, doesn't hurt the ice blocks, and if you're the tank, gets you a load of aggro.
  2. Skarvald the Constructor & Dalronn the Controller: Another simple fight. Their special gimmick is that once one dies, he'll be raised until you kill the other. So killing them both and focus-firing one down are both legitimate strategies. As the tank you have to remember to pick up which ever one comes back as well as the adds Dalronn summons.
  3. Ingvar the Plunderer: Beat him until he falls over, hide behind a pillar, come back, kill him again and loot. When he comes back he'll cast Dreadful Roar. It increases shadow damage taken and interrupts for 8 seconds. Rogues, Warriors and Feral Druids can take that hit, but all other classes will find it to be a pain. It can be avoided easily by the normal means, including bubble and iceblock. A warlock may be able to run out of range and use their teleport to get back into the fight. Not that it will save them much time, they might as well stick the summon on one side of the column and get the same effect.
Utgarde Pinnacle: This thing used to be very difficult and a pita, but with ridiculous improvements in gear, this place is easy as UK was.
  1. Svala Sorrowgrave: Wife of King Ymiron. When you see her, she is talking to the Lich King who turns her into a valkyr and orders her to slay you. When she begins the ritual of the sword, aoe down the keepers (they only have 12k HP or something silly like that). If you're going for the achievement, be sure to have taken a hulk from either the back of the room or the side staircase and have brought him down to less than 9k. This is now potentially difficult than it was before because you may get an unlucky proc and end up hitting him for over 9k. When the ritual starts the tank can pull him up to the platform and soak the hit. Don't attempt this if you have less than 30k HP, it does hit for 10-15k, and that would be significant for someone who only have 25-30k. If you're ranged dps you can continue to shoot Svala while she hovers in the air continuing to cast the ritual.
  2. Gortok Palehoof: Tank and spank. Then loot. There's nothing too special for this fight. It used to be difficult fight- four mobs each with 130k hp in a row followed immediately by a boss with no chance to drink or eat between fights. Now its a joke. Kinda like humanity is a joke.
  3. Skadi the Ruthless: First, a literary side note, 'ruth' is actually a word meaning mercy, or kindness. Anyways, Skadi makes up for the joke known as Gortok. It can still wipe a fully geared group if not properly done. If you lack communication, don't even consider going for the achievements on this one. The normal way starts off by triggering the event, killing the mobs as you march down the path, collect harpoons, shoot the dragon repeatedly and then kill Skadi. To get both achievements easily, start the event and kill the guys until you get 6 harpoons. Make sure your two lower dps each have 3. When you have all six, run back to the room Gortok was in to reset the encounter. It takes a minute to reset (similar to Hadronox) so you can run back to where the adds will pour out. Send your fastest party member down to where Skadi sits with his drake to start the event when they respawn. When they do so, lay down whatever aoe you have. Paladins have a huge advantage tanking in this way with holy wrath, which stuns all of the mobs for 3 seconds. When they are dead have the dps with the Harpoons wait for Grauf (the drake) to get into range. Shoot him down in one go for the first achievement, then dps Skadi down for the second. When he whirlwinds, he goes after a random player and it is not possible to taunt him off.
  4. King Ymiron is not a difficult fight, but the trash before him can present some problems for groups not excellently geared. The berserkers cast fears and there are casters which can cause pulling problems. You can use the tunnel to help los pull the casters and berserkers in the second room. Continue to do so up until Ymiron. Here there are some bersekers right in front of him, and a bad fear can pull him, so be on the watch for that. Even his achievement is not difficult. Every 20% down he goes to one of the boats in the room and stuns everyone for about 5 seconds. After 20 seconds he casts bane, but generally you can get him down another 20% in that time so you don't have to worry about it at all.

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