Saturday, January 2, 2010

One a day...

I hope to toss one of these up everyday, and although I have a few ideas floating around, I feel that in the future I will be down to throwing up a screenshot at 11:58. adding a comment and calling it day. Because I have 400+ screenshots right now, I plan on putting up a good one every weekday, starting on Monday. Some future posts to look forward to include achievements, gold and leveling, with probably a couple dedicated to each. I may write up some class columns on leveling, but for now it will be limited to Warlocks, Paladins, DKs and maybe druids.
As mentioned in my first post, Ursin is my primary realm and consequently I've decided to give a list of my toons there and a short description of each.
Alenena: 80 Pally, my achievement collector and raid ready tank (thanks to 3.3 I've been able to pug tank ICC 10, both for rep grinds and for the raid weekly)
Vitos: 80 Lock, raid ready dps. Not nearly well geared as Al because it takes time for dps to find a group and I'm impatient.
Malkhelm: 73 DK, looking to be a tank (and maybe dps)
Erthu: 44 Druid, loves moonfire spam in PvP
Dugerlok: 41 Mage, bank alt (RAF got him from 17 to 41)
Ziyzik: 32 Rogue, herb/insc to help Al with getting rogues decks for Darkmoon Faire rep
Auschben: 26 Hunter, ex-twink (really crappy twink, I put in about 50g in sum)
Trerror: 20 Warlock, my only hordie on Ursin (for now)
Vishnara: 17 Shaman, destined for twinkitude at 19. This one will get a couple k or many instances
Neverin: Future Worgen Warlock

Dugerlok, Erthu, Vishnara and Trerror all share the heirloom gear that is currently on Trerror while Ziyzik and Aushben use the gear currently on Auschben.

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