Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Occulus, now worth running?

This may or may not be todays post. I may be lazy. I may actually do my work.

So apparently Blizzard really loves Occulus. Or maybe they love all the hate and frustration we pour into that place. They must be like the company in Monsters Inc. that collects energy from fear. They most collect money from nerd rage.

If you use the Random Heroic Dungeon Finder and get Occulus, you might actually want to find out if you're group can do the thing now. Upon defeating the Ley-Guardain, you get your normal loot, A rare, and epic, 1 Emblem (from killing the boss) and 2 Emblems from the completing a random heroic. Now, because no one has any skill, the loot tables have buffed. Everyone gets a sack now.

A sack filled with happiness, puppies, and kittens (kinda like my bags were when I was doing Kalu'ak dailies). In this bag are rare gems and 2 MOAR Emblems of Triumph. By completing this instance you will get 8 Emblems. As an extra prize for those people who get Occulus 100 times in a day, there is a chance of Reins of the Blue Drake. Its only a 280% speed mount so I would not use it often because I do have my Violet Proto Drake (and working for the red).

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