Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm too tired

I'm too tired to think of anything special so I'll carry on with my dungeon guide! Haziness abound.

Today we shall visit the shrines of the Trolls in Zul'Drak. This makes us somewhat not really at all excited.

Drak'Theron Keep: A fun, fast instance with little trash between fights.
  1. Trollgore: Hint- he's not a troll. The strategy: Hit him with your hammers. The strategy for the achievement: Hit him with your hammers faster. If the average dps of your group is 2k (including tank and healer, 2.5k without the healer) you should be able to get this by hitting him like you would hit trash. The first few times I ran DTK, I didn't even realize this blob was a boss.
  2. Novos the Summoner: Another easy fight. He'll summon non-elite undead minions to crawl down the stairs and four casters each one coming in its turn alternating sides from which they appear. Once all four of the casters are down, Novos's shield will drop, the skellies will stop pouring out and you can just beat his face in. For the achievement, stick someone with decent survivability and good aoe near the top of the stairs. Paladins were made for this achievement because it requires killing many weak undead. That is what paladins were made for.
  3. King Dred: (Note- Blizzard did not misspell his name). The Rex (Latin for king, also his dinosaur species) is in his own special compound with 3 foot tall walls. Considering that he's easily fifty feet tall, I'm not sure how this keeps him in. Anyways, he has 6 lil' dino minions that back him up. You can easily pull three or four of them individually if you don't mind waiting for him to pat around the enclosure. You can then pull him out and when he calls for the last few, it will take them a little while for them to show up. For the achievement, just (barrel) roll in there and smack everything dead. It does not require much coordination beyond the tank coordinating his gems with stamina.
  4. The Prophet Tharon'ja: He's a big skeleton. Every once in a while he gets jealous of your flesh and blood and rips it off you, leaving you with four abilities. DPS and the healer should hit 4 whenever they can (a life drain) and 1 (a basic attack) the rest of the time. The tank should hit 4, 3 (a shield) and spam 2 (taunt) the rest of the time.
Gundrak: Gundrak has five bosses, and four achievements. This makes it one of my favorite dungeons in the system at the moment.
  1. Slad'ran: He is a snake guy. He likes snakes alot. DPS him down as quickly as possible. When he begins to cast poison nova, unless you have 25k+ hp, get out. It hits for something along the lines of 3k per second for 10 seconds. For the achievement, don't get wrapped. Suitable strategies include, kiting, aoeing and dieing.
  2. Colossus/Elemental: This is another 'not-boss boss'. You hit the colossus until it's at 50% at which point it turns into a goop elemental. Stay out of the purple and bring the goop to 50%. Kill the colossus and then go back and finish off the elemental.
  3. Moorabi: Clear all the mobs in the room, even on the opposite ledge, to make sure they don't agro during the fight. Sans achievement, it is a tank 'n spank. With the achievement, get a couple people who can interrupt- three interrupts is enough. Whenever he shouts about something being bigger, hit the interrupt button. The first two have reasonable cast times, but the third is about half a second, so whoever is on that duty should stop using their GCD.
  4. Eck the Ferocious: This is mudkip. The mobs around the boss are a pain to tank because they often leap at another player as though their life depended on it. When you get to Eck it is another tank 'n spank, again unless you want the achievement. If you do just get turn Eck towards the group and get him to ick everyone. This will be important for the last boss. You have an hour. Go.
  5. Gal'darah: Gal'darah is another tank 'n spank (in essence). The only trick is for the melee to get out of the whirlwind, unless you want the achievement. For "What the Eck" merely make sure you're covered in ooze from Eck and don't die. "Share the Love" is much more complex. You need to get him to gore five distinct players during the fight. Additionally, he never targets the player who is top in threat. Four ways to get around this. The easiest is just having a back-up tank. Once tank #2 gets gored, he picks up Gal'darah and you wait for everyone else to get stuck. The other three strategies are essentially the same, either use a Soul Stone, Battle Res, or Reincarnation to bring a dead player back to life. This is 'another player' in the eyes of the achievement, and so you just have to wait for them to get stabbed again. However, I'm not sure if you die on the horn that counts. It probably does, but I cannot be sure.
If you followed this guide the way it was meant to be followed and you used the random dungeon finder and everyone went along with the achievements and you had none of these achievements before the you just earned 70 achievement points as well as 12 emblems. Go me for telling you what to do.

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