Thursday, January 7, 2010


I don't really feel like doing strategy guides/walkthroughs for Gundrak and DTK or Halls of Lightning and Stone so I'm going to go rant on something... Warlocks! Yeah, warlocks are cool. I've been leveling a Orc lock (four pieces of heirloom) and its been pretty fun so far. This is my first horde toon that I've 'seriously' leveled. I leveled a Belf lock about a year ago to 14, but after grinding him up to ten in my first sitting, I played him once or twice more and gave up. I've of course made a half dozen Horde DKs, just for some fun and got one of them up to 61. I hope to get this guy capped by Cataclysm, if not well geared.

Anywho, the leveling experience itself has been fun. I've learned the source of some in-jokes, Mankirk's Wife being the foremost among them and I've fully learned the story in the Barrens. To wit, centaurs, dinos, and harpies hurt the Horde's feelings. I've suffered some terrible escort quests and I've had fun slapping around Alliance NPCs.

So far I've specced affliction and will continue to do so until I hit Outland. Not only do I have the two coolest spells available to a Warlock in Demonology at 60, but guys- Its Outland. Its completely overrun by the Burning Legion. You know whats special about them? They're all demons. And you know whats special about demons? Warlocks can enslave them! At 58 they have a level +4 range on that spell. That means we can enslave demons up to level 62 right off the bat. Whats nice about this is that you can snag an elite demon. There are some easily found in Hellfire Peninsula, and when you get to 64 you can snag a 3 man Demon.

Rolling through both Outland and Northrend, things will be very interesting because of the unique view I will get on the lore. It seems that the cross-faction warfare steps up a bit during those stages and will guarantee some good times.

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