Thursday, January 21, 2010

Have you ever... TROLLED?

Well, have you?

I must admit that I have on occasion. Generally on a toon that I will never, ever touch again.

I mean, when someone in Stormwind begs for gold I offer them 150 silver for every 2 gold they give me. Or offer 2 gold for every 300 silver they give me. But that's not really trolling.

I've never begged for gold in my life, never begged repeatedly for a port or a dungeon run. Maybe I might throw up a plea a couple of times when I entered a city, but not every 30 seconds.

But I have hassled people on DKs. I have been a detriment to society. But I enjoy it, it lets me blow off my steam. And now I have a paper to write, so write it I will.

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