Monday, January 25, 2010

Oho! Mashed Potatoes

I remember having a plan for today.

I don't remember what the plan was.

I don't think anyone really cares what the plan was.

I think I should write something at least moderately interesting.

I think I'll try for that.

I think I'll write about browser games.

Flash games and their ilk.

Star Pirates: A fun, easy game that- for maximum growth- does not need to be checked more than once every twenty minutes. It is a real time game in which you create a pirate vessel and perform mundane tasks to make it better. Available at

Cybernations: Similar to Star Pirates but much larger and has a much greater portion of player decision. The game is about as in depth as Star Pirates but you have a lot more data on your civilization. Available at

Artix Entertainment: Artix Entertainment has made a series of online flash RPGs. Their first was Adventure Quest, a classic Fantasy RPG. Since then they have created Dragon Fable, Mech Quest and Adventure Quest Worlds. AQW is a MMORPG. All of their games have fairly simple graphics and simple, intuitive and fun gameplay mechanics. It is possible to upgrade to a premium account for one payment and signing up for a premium account in earlier games allows access to special areas, items and other things in their later games. You can find AQ at, DF at, MQ at and AQW at

Other Flash Games: There are loads of other fun, simple flash games available out there and one of the best places to find them is at Kongregate allows its users to upload their own games to be played by the masses as well as making a tidy profit. Yes, the games you upload can earn you money, depending on the click-throughs. If you do choose to sign up my user name there is Lord_David and I would very much appreciate it if you let them know that I was the one who referred you during your signup (optional, of course, it just gets me more points).

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