Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh Noes!

I have to say that I have yet to get all of my Heroic Dungeon Achievements. This means that I have yet to successfully test several of the achievements I have described so the manner in which I describe them may not work.

  1. Amber Void: I have not done this one, but four emeralds reducing his damage to 0% or four rubies being immune to damage both make sense and have been confirmed by third parties.
  2. Ruby Void: I have yet to successfully complete this but I've gotten pretty close using 5 amber drakes. Additionally, 5 emeralds could probably do the job admirably as well.
  3. Respect Your Elders: For this one I have been in the instance, at the boss and people have agreed upon my given strategy (and I took it from others like them) but we did not have the tanks necessary.
  4. Volunteer Work: Since I've begun to actively pursue this, every time I go into AK-OK, we skip Jedoga.
  5. Less Rabi: I actually tried this a few days ago. I had a rogue kick the first one, I Hammered the second and he tried to kick the third, but missed because of the extremely low cast time. Moorabi died about 3 seconds later, not enough time for him to start the cast.
  6. Share the Love: When I tried this I didn't know that it is necessary to have a backup tank or for someone to die and come back.
  7. Zombiefest!: I tried this one today and learned that the strategy that I wished to use had some flaws, some of which lay in communication, some of which lay in idiocy, and some of which lay in forgetting the boss's abilities.
Yeah, this is a cheapo post because A) I want to brag how close I am to getting my second Proto-Drake, both of which require great personal effort (not necessarily skill in the case of the violet but hey). B) I felt that I needed to let you know that I am not actually an expert. C) I was lazy and I didn't want to put in the effort of anything else. But at least I started the post before 11:30.

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