Saturday, January 9, 2010


Personally I find all of the classes in WoW to be humorous in one way or another. Lets go through them one at a time- it'll be a good laugh for me.

Death Knight: Do I really have to say anything? At all? Seriously- it used to be huntards but now- its Stupid DKs. When you're leveling them up, they are ridiculously overpowered. When fighting Tusker at level 67- solo mind you, I started the fight at full health. I ended the fight at over full health. Even on my Retadin I didn't glide through that easily. Each of their talent trees can be formed to be a dps spec, tank spec, or PvP spec. Both Frost and Unholy can be duel-wielding specs, again for each of the above three.

Druid: I could just link you to Alamo's guide to druids... so I will. I've leveled a couple of druids. My first 'real' toon (second toon overall) got to level 26. I have one at 19 and one to 44. I've tried all the trees and have had a great time with all of them. The animations are always good for a laugh, and when leveling with bear druids... well- they like big butts... and cannot see their screen. Additionally- Boomkin. Everyone's favorite turkey. I'd love to point out this video to show how much fun being a oomkin is in PvP.

Hunter: "Don't be that hunter." "Thats hunter loot." "Huntard." All classic tales. Hunters for a long time were considered a very easy class to play- just tame a pet and make it do all the work. Because it was so easy, hunters did not really learn how to play (theoretically). Since it was so easy, all the little kids chose to be hunters. As little kids they did not know proper social etiquette. Combine all of those so you get a player who is easily defeated by a door boss, takes the loot, the accidentally pulls the next boss with his pet before dropping the party.

Mage: "Hai GUYS! I'm gonna blink!... or not." My personal favorite part about mages, when I'm on my paladin tanking around is that they are strudel vending machines. They makes the delicious free foods. Oh- and know they've gotten around to copying warlocks. They now have a permanent pet so they can be just like their betters. It always makes me laugh.

Paladin: I play a paladin. Paladins were fail during classic WoW. They were fail during TBC. They ruined everything that stood in their way in WotLK. As my paladin I was able to solo classic Ony in quest blues and greens. Once in AB in prot spec I was spamming Flash of Light on myself for 7k a hit. I have bubble, I have wings, I have a seven second stun. During some fights that don't require much movement (Instructor Rasuvious for one) I can bang on my keyboard and still be top dps. And I can bubble hearth. Sucker.

Priest: I find priests to be a joke. I've tried leveling one in full heirlooms and found that he was waaay to difficult to level. They really need someone to work with them or else they won't be able to get very far. But the best thing about a priest, they can kill someone who is two hundred feet in the air. Cast a couple dots, levitate and cast your flying mount again.

Rogue: Especially undead ones. They sneak up to you. Stab you dead. Defile your corpse. In a H-Gundrak I did today, one of our random party members asked for a summon ("Summon prz"). We could not do that because we were on different servers. We told him to use the 'teleport to dungeon' button. We told him where it was. He quit the group. We had cleared up to the second boss. At that point we rejoined the queue and another rogue joined the group. We began the encounter as soon as the rogue was in the instance. The rogue not only made it to the fight before we were a quarter of the way through, but managed to hit top dps for the fight and hit top overall damage dealth on the following trash pull, breaking 7k. The difference amused me- either they are like hunters or they are ridiculously good.

Shaman: My shaman, at level 13, in heirloom gear took out a level 18 mage. Even heirloom gear should not give me that much of a boost. I'm running around one shotting most of the mobs I face now that I'm level 17. Their totems are oh so pretty and they can do anything, even tank, although that is fairly difficult for them to do.

Warlock: They are, in my not quite humble opinion, the best class in the game. I mean, they can tank, they can dps, they can heal and they're not even a hybrid class! You don't believe me eh? Well then here's some proof. They were built for demolition, destruction, affliction and demonology. That there is your dpsness. They've been proven to be able to tank (at the time) the HARDEST raid boss in the game (sarth 3D or Illdian). Then they have some healing properties for their tank. Yeah- take that. And then there is Outland. See one of my previous posts.

Warrior: I'm gonna hit you with my big axe! But wait. I no has rage. And tanking Warriors are a conundrum. I get rage by being hit. And to be a better tank I need to get hit less. That way I can get less rage. And therefore I will have less threat. So I will be a worse tank. 'prz' explain this to me. I don't precisely understand this concept.

A no, I did not write this post over time. I turned it in before midnight.

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