Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm gonna blow something up

I hate patch days. See, I get up fairly early in the morning for a college student, around 9 (in the morning that is), it used to be 8 by my schedule changed and so I have adapted. Anyways, I have class from 1-4:30 and that means I'm not going to get on WoW until after dinner (around 5ish). This day I happened to go see Daybreakers (excellent film on the explosions part) and wasn't able to get back to my computer until around 10:30. This weekend I'm going to be away, so I can't post anything on Saturday or Sunday (probably at least, so that means I won't be).

Anyhoo (who?), for tomorrow expect something along the lines of my opinions of other RPGs, both MMO, Single Player, computer based and not. For Friday you can plan to see what I have to say on the matter of Grinding, mostly for rep.

Today is getting the short shrift (whatever that means), so I might as well talk about explosives in WoW.

There are not enough of them.

The above is a fact.

The above is also a fact.

(The previous few lines are just a method to make the post look longer)

(The above is another fact)

I think placeable land-mines would be cool. Primarily for PvP, they would act in a similar manner to hunter traps but either engineers or everyone(certain BGs only) would be able to use them. It would be great for anti vehicle use, just lay a dozen in front of your base, wait for them to run over and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM (also another waste of space). To balance them, they would be friendly fire, which I think would be a cool mechanic, but that opens up many possibilities for griefing.

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