Monday, January 18, 2010

I'll get it over with... finally...

Or not... Today I'll cover Ulduar: Halls of Stone and Ulduar: Halls of Lightning. I thought that it would finish the series of guides to Wrath heroics, but then I recalled H-VH and H-COT:COS which I'll get to in the future.

  1. Maiden of Grief: I usually do this one second (if I'm not skipping Krystallus and/or her). It is a pretty easy fight as long as everyone stays out of the doom cookies (the big black circles she summons). When tanking, be sure to pull her completely out of the cookies so that the melee dps can still get behind her. For the achievement, just bring along some extra dps. If you are having trouble, bring some PvP trinkets along.
  2. Krystallus: Another tank'n'spank. Be sure to have Krystallus facing away from any holes in the ground as he occasionally does a knockback. If the tank gets booted well... I'm gonna guess bad things happen.
  3. Tribunal of Ages: An interesting and unique encounter (as far as I've seen). Protect Brann from dying. The thing is one very long trash pull. I've had some difficult as a paladin tanking this because I start to go OOM. Because they are trash I don't need as many heals so I get less mana from Spiritual Attunement and my Divine Plea wears off. For the achievement, have everyone use lots of AoE to grab aggro before the mobs can tag Brann.
  4. Sjonnir the Ironshaper: These days, a very simple tank'n'spank. If you have low dps you may have to worry about adds coming from the sides, but generally they are easily handled. The achievement is one of the ones that takes immense coordination takes a long time. If one dps does not do their job correctly, then you may well fail. To get the achievement you have to bring Sjonnir down to 50%. At that point the random mobs stop spawning and a constant stream of oozes pours out. Every two or four will combine to create a sludge which you must then kill. If a dps does not hold off and wait for the sludges to be formed- either by continuing to attack Sjonnir or attacking the slimes, it is quite possible that Sjonnir dies, or the oozes take many more minutes to form.

  1. General Bjarngrim: A simple fight so long as you do not over pull and as long as you kill his Lieutenants first. To get the achievement, wait until he is charged- he turns on and off every other stop (I think)- and then attack. He does more damage, but any 200 iLv + tank can handle it.
  2. Volkahn: (ic- as in Volacano) KAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHN! (I had to do that). Clear the mobs- the steam mobs have an annoying knock-back- so watch out for that. Again, the fight itself does not have any complicated mechanics. He will occasionally summon adds which can be a pain to pick up, but if you hit him hard enough and fast enough they shouldn't be a problem. Additionally, if you crush him very quickly you will get an achievement- for not letting him demolish his adds.
  3. Ionar: (Ionosphere!) Another fight, if you get electricity on you- run, you do AoE damage to your teammates so you want to be out of range. When he begins to disperse- run away. He'll break into several electrical walking thingies that cannot be killed. He'll only do this once a fight now. When the walkers begin to disappear you can return to where he was, he'll reappear and you can kill him dead.
  4. Loken: Definitely one of the hardest Heroic bosses of all time. In fact, he killed more players than any other mob in the entire game from the release of wrath until 3.1. He has three abilities that concern everyone. The first is his Aura. It deals damage to everyone- the farther you are, the more he does. This means everyone needs to be somewhat close to him or else the healer may be overwhelmed. He also has chain lightning. Again this has positioning requirements. If you stand close to each other everyone will be hit. If you stand far enough away from the tank, only they will be hit. Finally there is lightning Nova. It has an in-game raid-warning and a five second cast time. When it goes off it does about 12-15k. Previously, when 15k was a significant amount of health for a 80, this would wipe groups. Now, when everyone generally has about 19-22k hp and the many tanks have 30k+, it can be healed through. For the achievement, just like the others- DPS him down, in this case, under two minutes.
Thats all for this evenin folks- ciao.

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