Thursday, January 14, 2010

Today I Cheat

This is going to be a complete cheaty-face day. I'm fair tired at the writing of this so I'm not gonna really write much. Instead, I'm going to post ten screenshots with short captions. In The Future, I'll try to post one a day, but I only have about 750 (or less) and most of them are very similar to others and/or pretty bad, so I might not be able to keep on posting screenshots. So without further ado- the images.

Just a nice sunset in the Howling Fjord.
I really love this burning ship. I mean, how the heck did it get there? How did it catch on fire? How is it still burning after being there for a year? Why does it look so amazing?
You know an organization, especially a Crusade is going to be awesome when their janitors are this jacked.
Hey! It is a screenie from the DK starting quests. Expect to see many hundreds of these. I took too many, so thats what you're going to get.
A nice pic of Valgarde with Utgarde in the backdrop. I remember when I got my new computer and I set the view distance to maximum and I could SEE. I saw Utgarde from Valgarde that day, I saw Crystalsong Forest and Icecrown and the rest of Northrend the way it was meant to be seen. Then I saw the corners of the world where the infinitely replicating water pattern ended.
The Aurora Fjordialis is particularly striking in this image as well as a very nice look at a Gjalerbron.
On the pipes in Naxx right before Gluth. I love the dino's eye.
Loken, once the games deadliest enemy. Even now there is discussion whether or not to run out of the Nova or to eat it.
A picture of the amazing night (day? tidal?) sky of Hellfire Peninsula. You will see a bunch of these as well, because every time I finish a DK and bring him/her to Outland- well, I take a bunch of screenies.

Warlocks are the best class in the game.

They turn into Demons.

Who can curbstomp you.

See above picture for proof of awesome.

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