Tuesday, January 5, 2010

AN and AK:OK

So on today's plate we have more of what we had yesterday. I'll go over the two bug city instances in EXTREME detail. You read that right! EXTREME! So:

Azjol-Nerub: A not to difficult instance with plenty of fun little bits to kill your guildies.
  1. Krik'thir the Gatewatcher: Its not a difficult fight, pull the packs one at a time, kill it all. Use lots of aoe etc etc.... The achievement is where it gets tricky there are four strategies. One- send in a druid to pull everything (EVERYTHING) using starfall, then get the hell out either using cat form with dash or bear with feral charge and then improved cat. Two- Pull each of the groups and kill the two small adds. The tank holds onto the named add and pulls the next group, do that again and then move in for the kill. Three- use two tanks either one for all the adds and one for the boss or one for the named adds and one for the boss. Four- CHEARG and dps the bastard down.
  2. Hadronox: Like Krik'thir, this is an event, if you wipe on the trash, the whole thing resets. This is important to note for the achievement. When you fight her, make sure that the spiders are dead before you begin the encounter. If they die while she is fighting them she will gain health. If they don't die, they'll eat your face next. The way for the achievement is to drop someone down to the trash, have them die causing the encounter to reset. At that moment, book it down to the cavern where Hadronox starts the encounter and burn her down. When the spiders come, don't use aoe or they will die and she will gain her health back. Warlocks can also use their summon to reset the fight by jumping down and teleporting out of range.
  3. Jump down the hole. This is when you use path of frost and water walking. Everyone dies. You laugh.
  4. Get out of the pond and head to the stairs. If you levitate someone on these stairs they will slide down them and pull the trash. This is another excellent way to get a good laugh in.
  5. Anub'arak: Bash him in the face. For the achievement, bash him in the face faster. Its helpful if you're tanking as a pally or DK to lay down consecration or D&D where the trash comes down from the ramp when he burrows.
  1. Elder Nakox: Another simple fight. Bash the big guy and then, when the add comes out kill that. For the achievement have a second tank stationed on one of the room he is in. The MT takes Nakox while the OT taunts the adds to his side of the room. The healer should stay in the middle able to heal everyone.
  2. Prince Taldaram: Run away from the fire. Kill the vampire. For the achievement kick the guy who has been showing recount scores from trash. Then find someone else.
  3. Amanitar: Mushrooms! Kill them! When you get sent to Wonderland eat the Good Shrooms, not the Bad Shrooms.
  4. Jedoga Shadowseeker: Kill the add as it walks toward the circle, its not a difficult thing to do. For the achievement, don't. When she comes down she will hit you with a nasty whirlwind. You can either have the tank soak it, disarm her, kite her across the stage.
  5. Herald Volazj: A tank n' spank, except he casts insanity. At that point you get to fight all four of your party members. They retain their class ability and are (usually) worse with them than the player. They have 12k hp and should not be to difficult to deal with, especially in better gear. Its generally a good idea to take out the healer first, then all the other classes that have healing capabilities. Save the tank for last, considering that they generally deal the least amount of damage. For the achievement, the fight is similar to Anub'arak. Kill it faster.
  6. Nakox, Amanitar and Jedoga are all skippable fights. Many people will ask to skip them and equally as many will demand that you do not miss a single emblem.

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