Monday, January 4, 2010


So I missed my (self imposed) deadline by an hour and a half. So you know what that means? You get two (thats right TWO) whole posts from me today. One know and another at 11:30 tomorrow night when I realize that I'm gonna forget it again. Since I don't really think about topics that much in advance this is all spontaneous, and consequently of limited quality.

The new ICC 5 mans are a fun and good way to gear up, provided you already have decent gear. H-FoS and H-PoS can both be done with one dps being carried, H-HoR however, require excellent gearing from all members present. When 3.3 came out, before using the Dungeon Finder System, I tried to tank H-HoR on Alenena. I failed. Repeatedly. Part of it was the dps, they would open up with full AoE instantly and pull aggro off me, causing the healer to focus on someone who needs more heals. At that point I was in naxx/uld gear and had about 28k hp. Since then I've picked up four pieces of t9 and my AiL (Average Item Level) went from 203 to 221. When I tried H-HoR again, we managed the entire instance without wiping. So be sure to gear up.

Some tips (primarily for warlocks and paladins)
  1. In Forge of Souls, against Brohnjam, I have found it better to just nuke the boss and ignore the Corrupted Soul Fragments. When I have focused on them, Brohnjam has not gone down.
  2. Fighting the Devourer of Souls: run around. If you have are a warlock, toss down your teleport. The teleport allows you to dodge Wail of Souls, the Unleashed Souls and Well of Souls.
  3. In Pit of Saron, when fighting Garfrost, Pallys can cleanse themselves (or others) of the debuff. If you are tanking and have enough threat, you may want to consider tossing a couple cleanses on yourself if you are going for the achievement. Not only will it make it easier for your healer, but you won't have to worry about running and hiding behind the saronite rocks he throws. As a warlock you can use your teleport to great effect here, placing it on the stairs at the beginning of the battle and then popping out of LoS when you need to remove the debuff (not positive the stairs are safe).
  4. In Halls of Reflection, when fighting the trash before Falric and Marwyn paladin tanks can cast Flash of Light on themselves if they want to try LoS pulling. It gathers significant aggro while allowing you to stay out of sight so that the mobs enter the corner of death and blindness.
  5. Finally, when you fight the Lich King and you do not take advantage of the exploit* if a paladin or DK dies, they can return to the instance and run past the Lich King. DKs will need to pop Anti-Magic Shield and Pallys will have to throw away their use of bubble, but it allows your dps to return to the fight.
*The exploit consists of running to the ledge to the side of the cliff, waiting for the Lich King to pass and then following him. It trivializes the entire event and while it allows you to get the achievement fairly easily, its not the best plan.

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