Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Yup, I'm an altoholic. When the new armory thingy came out I made poses for everyone of my Ursin alts. At one point I wanted to make a toon of every class and bring them to 80, and some people have done that.

Others have leveled 5 or so of the same class (generally shamans or paladins) in concert all the way to 80.

Even others have leveled 10 of the same class to 80, generally Warriors, but sometimes other classes.

There are those who level their alts in special ways. One leveled without dying once. Another leveled without wearing any armor- ever. One guy got a level 17 bank alt with the explorer title- he hadn't killed anything, just explored.

Personally, I find that I make loads of DK alts, the quest chain at the beginning is just so epic that I'm keep on running through it. Thats probably going to happen with the Worgen and Goblin zones as well. The nice thing about those though will be that after the initial craze is over I can go back there with any other toon that I make and go through that chain again.

As mentioned many times before, I love warlocks. I'm going to make a Worgen lock and I'll probably throw together a gnome and undead lock at some point.

I think thats about all- I'm pretty damn good at rambling and thats what I'm doing here so yeah....

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