Friday, April 2, 2010

Looking Back

Today seems like an excellent day to look back.

I did a couple retro-raids (MC and the last couple bosses of BWL) and I have just finished three months worth of this blog.

I completely forgot about doing this for February, so I'm going to cover both months.

In February I covered the two holidays, Love is in the Air and the Lunar Festival.

Later in the month I started the Greedy Gronko Grand Gold Gathering Guide series, which poured over into March. A compilation of the set can be found here.

Right on the tail of that I began the WoW in Real Life series which I'm still working on and then also began working on class guides for levels 1-20.

And every day, I gave you images for your perusal. If you have any topic ideas or any screenshots you wish to submit, email me at

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