Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Engineering Spec

Engineering is a really cool profession. I know this because they can makes stuff that can be used not just worn.

However, I feel that engineering does not go far enough. In Cataclysm (or more realistically the following expansion) I want there to be an engineering class.

It would use either energy or focus, probably focus, and the three trees would be Gnomish, Goblin and Crystal.

You would be able to upgrade every single piece of armor you got. Your head could have your MC addon or a laser beam. Shoulders would have automatic rocket-launchers. You could install a flame thrower and flechette launcher into your bracers. Add hydraulics to your gloves so it fires faster. Grenades on your chest and belt. Jet pack on the legs, supplemented by either another jetpack on the back or a parachute.

Boots could have rockets but they would also be able to launch shuriken.

There would be the ability to transform into your flying mount, Mech style.

Engineers should be a class! Sign the petition!

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