Friday, April 16, 2010

The Celestial Pony!

So- the big deal in WoW is the Celestial Steed.

There is a lot of good in this mount.

It is a BoA that gets sent to all of your characters. Past, present and future.

It scales with your riding ability. This means that your lv 20 will be able to ride this at a 60% movement increase and your loaded lv 80 with epic flying and a 310% flying proto-drake will be able to walk the skies at 310%.

The only downside is that it costs $25. Now- Lil KT and the Pandaren Monk each cost $10 with $5 of the monk going to charity (for the first few months it was on sale). The new Lil XT also costs $10. The Gryphon and Wyvern pets each cost $25 but in addition to getting a pet in game, you get a high-quality medium sized plushie in real life.

The big argument is about whether or not it is 'fair' for Blizzard to offer this mount to us. The pets have absolutely no in game benefit- except for being part of some regular achievements.

However, if you buy the Celestial Steed, you will never have to buy a mount again. You save 1g at 20, 50g at 40, 100g at 60 and the pain and effort of getting an epic mount. If you DO want to get to 310% you will have to grind one out, get lucky or perhaps wait until Cataclysm as it has been reported that all epic flying mounts may be bumped to 310%- it may also be that if you have a 310% then the rest will be bumped appropriately.

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