Monday, April 12, 2010

When Real Life Interferes

When you play WoW, you often hear the phrase, "Real Life is more important than WoW- go do [thing]." Real Life can be substituted with work, family, friends or other things that Real Life consists of.

However, this can sometimes be a problem. If you're raiding and your MT has to go afk for a RL emergency- it could be the end of your raiding that evening. If you have to leave often enough, you will lose your spot.

However, your commitment and promise does mean something even if it is in a game. If you join a PUG raid and say "I may have to leave at some point in the middle." or even if you join an unscheduled guild run, you can back out mid-way through if RL obligations come knocking.

However, I feel that if you sign up for a raid (or some other sort of event) you should go to that event even if there is a real life event- so long as that event is not critical. If you just started the run or even if you're fifteen minutes from raid time, if a friend asks if you want to go out to the movies- let them know about your current obligation. If you would really like to go, be honest with the group and find them a replacement before you leave.

If you just depart saying that you have to go, but don't bother finding a replacement, in a smaller guild the run could just end there. At your command.

So be nice and stay true to your commitments. But if you haven't committed to anything, go ahead with the real life.

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