Saturday, April 3, 2010

WoW In Real Life: Priests

Priests have a couple really cool abilities. Now, as I have not played a priest and don't know anyway who has, my knowledge is fairly limited. Heals are boring as are most of the Shadow Priest abilities- sure they have a lot mind-exploding abilities, but shrinks have those already.

Anyways, onto the list. First up we have Shadowform. Now, the actually abilities that go along with it aren't that interesting but you turn into a shadow. You're all stealthy-like. And a shadow- you're there- but you're not. It is epic.

And number two on this pathetically short list is Levitate. It is one of my favorite spells in the game- you just float there- and if you fall off a building, well, you can levitate so you don't kill your self.

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