Tuesday, April 6, 2010

WoW in Real Life: Rogues

Rogues are a trick one. Most of their abilities are knife tricks, so you can already learn those in real life.

However, there are a cool few abilities that they do have.

Far and away, the number one rogue ability is vanish. Now, stealth is pretty cool, but the ability to vanish is far superior. Even if you're interacting with someone, you can disappear. If you are getting yelled at by someone you'll be in 'combat' so you can't stealth. Just smoke-bomb on a cloudy day and disappear into the shadows.

Number two you have stealth. Similar to vanish, you disappear from sight, but you can't be in combat. It also allows you to pick-pocket and sap without being seen.

Finally, we have evasion. When you hit evasion- you go into bullet-time. Matrixesque. You can dodge bullets. That come out of guns. Pointed at you. Thats pretty gnarly.

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