Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm a healer now

Yesterday was the first time I ever healed an instance.

I mean, I've done healing before on my Paladin, but never Holy specced and very rarely in groups.

When I healed on my pally, it was a Art of War/Flash of Light kinda deal. Additionally, the heals would be during a speed run wherein I was at least 10 levels above content.

But yesterday I actually healed an on level instance with the intent of healing it.

I signed up for Ragefire Chasm as a healer/dps Shaman with a Prot warrior friend. Admittedly I was in heirlooms and he was a good tank, but I didn't have to hit my healing spell more than fifteen or twenty times throughout the instance. It is definitely a good thing that I can enjoy healing because with the new LFD system, it is very helpful if I can heal or tank.

With this event having occurred, you can trust to hear from me in the future regarding healing.

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  1. RFC has been in my experience a nice little dungeon to start healing in. Although most DPS will pull without the tank, the damage taken isn't much. I was really nervous when I first started healing, and RFC was a little relief and got me hooked on healing classes. :)