Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Netherwing Rep

So as you may have noticed I got my netherdrakes.

There is a beginning quest chain that will get you up from hated to neutral. It is pretty easy, but near the end there is a fight that takes a little bit of power to get you through. It is nominally a five person quest, but can be soloed at 80 if you have good healing power.

After you do that, you are assigned to infiltrate the Dragonmaw of Shadowmoon Valley. You get a few daily quests as neutral and you can also find netherwing eggs to turn in. Once you hit friendly you get another few quests available and you still have the old ones. If you have a gathering profession, I suggest gathering as much as you can because there is a chance that they will drop eggs (about 1%). At honored, more quests open up and more dailies. At revered a few quests send you wandering, but it isn't too hard to do them, especially at 80.

If you only do your dailies and don't gather any eggs, it should take approximately two weeks.

However, it is very helpful if you do collect the eggs, it brought my total time down from fourteen days to five. I would very strongly suggest getting the addons Gatherer and the WoWhead Gatherer database.

The best place to find the eggs (esp for miners) is within the caves. They spawn all throughout it so you have to explore it fully but there is a chance they drop off the mobs and the nodes.

For all the mobs on the island there is a 1% chance that they will drop an egg. Over the course of these past five or so days, I probably killed around 500-700 mobs.

So go out there and get your netherdrakes!

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