Sunday, April 18, 2010

WoW in Real Life: Warriors

Ok, so I have never leveled a warrior past 12, so I don't know the vast majority of warrior abilities. Anyhow, this is my best guess at what cool abilities warriors have that one might want in real life and can't get from training. Because, really, a person could train themselves so that they could duel-wield two-handed weapons and even bladestorm with them- which would be absolutely broken.

First up I would pick the buff shouts. Just by yelling you can make yourself (and your nearby friends) stronger and increase their stamina. Just get kinda angry, shout, and turn into the hulk.

Next up is hamstring. Now, you can argue that you can hamstring someone in real life, but this only lasts for fifteen seconds. If someone is really hamstringed, well then they'll have trouble walking for a VERY long time. This can just inflict a serious wound on someone without leaving permanent damage.

Finally we have heroic leap. It isn't in any spell books yet, but it seems pretty epic. You can jump something to the order of 20 yards from a standing start and end by creating a shockwave on landing. It would be first except for the fact that it doesn't exist yet.

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