Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Yay for Maintenence

Actually, wait, never-mind that last bit. I don't care for maintenance one bit!

Actually, wait, never-mind that last bit. I don't care for maintenance one bit when I have the time to play.

So Blizzard, if on the very obscure chance you are reading this, send me an email and I'll let you know what my schedule is so we can plan things better.

In other news, my realm was down today- but that was okay for the most part because I was working. Yay for money.

But, when I got home, I rolled up a DK for the "It Came From the Blog" Server Maintenance Day Party. It was actually pretty fun doing the DK starter quests again because  there were approximately 150 new DKs to join the guild, plus associated others who were just interested in playing WoW while their server was down.

Anyways, the fights were actually really fun. The town was constantly at a low population, and the drake quest was ridiculous- we had 5-10 drakes flying around lol-facing the mobs on the ground.

Sheer epicness was epic.

Blizzard did a really good job there. There were enough mobs for the hundreds of DKs to complete their quests, but if you do it alone, you are never really overwhelmed.

And then there were the multi-boxers. There were two of them who each had 5 DKs.

And then there were the DK-only-premade BGs.

Anywho, I got bored of the event and left because I had been on for a while waiting for it to start, and walking the distances required and waiting even more every few minutes for everyone else to catch up was a bother. So I tried soloing it and then took a nap. By which I mean I read a book.

Plurgh. Plus, Ruby Sanctum was released. Cool beans.

Really cool beans. They were in the freezer. I need to defrost my lunch.

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