Friday, June 4, 2010

Mining Companions.

So, as I was collecting my 882 Saronite ore (and then a couple more) I kept on seeing a Tauren Hunter, Bigmacdaddy. He was very well geared and could have stomped my face into the ground.

He was also, clearly, trying to mine. He did have the rare Ony drop mount that has a 310% flight speed, but I had my Violet Proto-drake and my Crusader Aura so I was slightly faster than him. This means that I got many more nodes than he did when we both came to the same one at near about the same time.

Yet never once did he show any signs of frustration. He would just stay on his mount, circle round and go after another node. He even called his pet off me whenever it decided to attack.

All in all, it shows good signs for relations with the horde. They think that we are a passive people.

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