Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Leveling Guide: The Early Priest 1-20

This came out of nowhere. Also, I apologize for missing my posting time. But it is done. So it is good.


Priests have lotsa healing abilities. Therefore, you would think that they would do well at surviving. I don't agree. Anyways, when you start out, you have Smite and a Heal. By the time you get to 20, you should have a couple other attacks, including Shadow Word: Pain (a dot) and Holy Fire.

Additionally, as a priest you will have Heal, Greater Heal and Lesser Heal. You will have Inner Fire, an ability that grants you a small armor bonus. Power Word: Fortitude is an early catch and grants you extra stamina. Finally, Power Word: Shield gives you a nice absorbing bubble, making you (slightly) more resistant to death.

If you choose to go with Discipline, I would suggest that you start healing at 15. You primarily use your bubble to absorb damage people take, rather than actually healing. I would suggest starting with this spec and filling out Meditation so as to get the mana regen.

I would try to avoid holy to start, because it does not have access to such quality mana regen as Disc does early on. In any case I would suggest this spec.

Finally, if you want to go shadow, be prepared to kill stuff slowly and die alot (at least thats what I did). Also, I would suggest starting with these talents. That specs for a lot of regen and mana efficiency. Also, I'm not sure about the quality of Mind Flay, so you can choose to dump that.

Anywho, best of luck.

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