Friday, June 18, 2010

Death by Priest

Wow. Long time no death.

Anyways, we're back on schedule. Tomorrow, or the next day, or sometime in the nebulous future, I will get around to looking at my older series and finishing them off, once and for all.

Discipline: Fighting a disc priest is all about hitting their bubble. Occasionally they might give you a little disease, but most of the times they're gonna sit their in their little bubble. And make more bubbles. They don't use soap tho. They use magic.

Holy: You're walking along with your undead minions and lo and behold, there is a holy priest in your way. First she smites you. Sets you on holy fire. Then she smites you again. And again. And again. Because smite is their only decent no-CD damaging ability. They might turn into an angelic being and heal themselves once in a while, but for the most part it is the smiting.

Shadow: You're not gonna be a fan of this. They blast you with evil and then mind-screw you. Your mind is destroyed and all you can think about is how the whole world is going to follow, then you can very depressed and run around in mindless terror. Because your mind is gone. And then you die. Alone, cold, and without even your consciousness to give you consciousness of the events.

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