Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Death by Shaman

More death!

Lets get right to the nitty-gritty.

Elemental: Its a good, old fashioned rent-a-turret. You be walkin along, in your garden, when a glowing giant blue half-demon appears. He throws some rocks onto the ground and blasts you. First with lightning, then fire, then lightning. You are nearly instantly baked, broiled and thoroughly cooked.

Enhancement: First, you get spammed by emails.... Right, so again, with the giant blue half-demon and the totems. He goes into a frenzy, hitting you with all of the elements, rock to the face, fire to the gut, wind to the eyes, water to the nose. And he tenderizes you with a couple of awesome looking, glowing weapons. Then wolves eat you. His wolves.

Restoration: So this be another one of them boring ones. First you get bored. Then you try killing it again, but you get bored again. So you leave, but they cyclone you. When you fall out, they manage to get off a cast. Then they continue to be bored. Finally, you jump off a cliff because you are bored. Then the other player won.

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