Tuesday, June 1, 2010


As an FYI, instead of the classic Ding/Grats(Gratz etc...) my guild uses Point/Nifty to indicate level ups.

So without further ado, my newest 80, Malkhelm.
Back in Dragonblight (76). The high contrast makes this a very nice shot.

Orgrimmar (77). After becoming a Veteran of the Wrathgate, I did some diplomatic work including taunting Thrall and sitting in his throne.

Dragonblight (78). Working on a cure for a crusader. I had already asked the druids and now I was working with the Red Dragonflight.
Utgarde Pinnacle (79). One of the many, many times I saw the Lich King in my last couple days of leveling.
Icecrown (79). I tracked down the Naaru in Shattrath and they gave the ailing crusader an appropriate farewell.
And finally, the screenshot. Yeah, doubters, you can stop doubting now. I have a screenshot.

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