Friday, June 11, 2010

Screwing up

I did that today.

We got to the blood prince council without any major hiccups. So that was good.

Our warlock tank got smashed into the floor the first two times we tried it. He didn't have enough orbs and got squished.

I talked to him and earlier he had said that he was willing to try to respec. He did and he managed to survive until the boss got empowered. Then he lost threat. Blasts for 80k hit the squishies who were killing him.

Then at one point he charged before I was ready. So the guy in cloth got hit by the boss who hits with physical damage. The Warlock did not have armor. The caster tank died. Then the boss went wild. (This may have been because his VW had his taunt on so whenever I taunted it got taunted back).

Then the warlock asked for help with increasing camera distance, so I looked up my macro and told him to

"/script SetCVar("cameraDistanceMax".50)"

However, that is not the proper code. That set his max camera distance to 0. So he was fully zoomed in and couldn't change it.

I looked at the code again (from my source) and it said

"/script SetCVar("cameraDistanceMax",50)"

You'll note that there is a comma, not a period.

So that didn't go well. (I did fix it in the end).

Then I got to play headless chicken running around as the Keleseth tank running all over the room doing my best to pick up Dark Nuclei without killing them or stealing aggro from the other tank, while keeping aggro on Keleseth so that when people got the chance to attack him they wouldn't pull off me and insta-die.

It was ridiculous. And I was a ridiculous screwup. And it was good.

I love raiding for moments like those.

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