Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I've been running some Alt-Naxx's to gear up lesser geaered people. Right now, I think we've gotten enough gear the Ulduar makes more sense than Naxx, but in anycase, we did a full clear of Naxx, getting loads of achievements and having a good amount of fun.

Eventually, except for two or three people, it was all people in ICC/TOC gear. Which made many of the fights ridiculously easy, but there were still problems. (Cough plague quarter cough).

We had one of the Gargoyles stoneskin twice. And he was alone. We were focusfiring him and he just waited it out.

Then, we wiped a  on Heigan- because of some dance-failing. It was really fun trying to see how long we could survive as they fight is not very healing intensive nor dps intensive so long as you stay out of the slime.

And then we wiped a coupla times on the gauntlet run.

In all, it was a good good night, but now, since my day is all work, and just work, I need sleep.

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