Thursday, June 24, 2010

Patch 3.3.5

So, its here. Now what do we think about it?

I for one like it.

I enjoy the small features that they put in- they really just make life a little nicer.

I have a couple RL friends who I added to my Real ID- its an interesting idea, and I like it so far- but I'm not sure how far I want it to be able to go.

It does mean that we can now cross-faction and cross-realm chat if we want, which is pretty cool because I have some friends who are diehard hordies and others who are all for the alliance. So now I can chat with both of them

I haven't seen the effects of the new vote-kick workings, in which those who stay in groups and kick less are given the right to kick more whereas those who kick more and drop often have left privileges.

Finally, the 'report' button has been fixed, so that you can complain about their name, spam or (I think) innapropriate behavior.

Anyways, its pretty nice, plus I got to zone into the ruby sanctum. Well, I saw the loading screen and was then kicked out, but...

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