Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So, according to the tankspot video, Sindragosa is tanked vertically on her platform and all dps are off to one side. When she goes into the air phase, everyone scatters and hides behind whoever got freezed. When you get yanked in, you all run back to your position.

On phase three, they had a specific spot near her front leg where people could go if they were going to get frozen and kept her in the same position.

With the Nemeton, they had her tanked horizontally, parallel to the stairs. Everyone was on the stair side of her and wailed on her as best they could.

When she took to the air, the two marked militants ran to predesignated, easy to remember locations. Then, everyone just pivoted around those points.

On the yank in, they had their hunter pop Aspect of the Pack, because A) it doesn't matter if the tank gets a movement speed reduction and B) if you do get hit while you're trying to escape, you got hit by what you were running away from so you're in a world of hurt.

As a Warlock, I found it immensely helpful to use my teleport as that got me quickly out of range of her as well as reorienting me immediately towards the dragon's flank.

As a side note, when you get Unchained Magic, you get a stack of Instability for each of your casts, getting above four stacks starts to be bad for your health. It lasts for only a few seconds so you can stop casting when you get to four. However, it has a DBM timer for you so you can see when the Instability is going to fall off. If you have 2 seconds left, and a spell has a three second cast, it is OK to cast. Also, they either do not register, or DBM doesn't register them as hits until they connect with the boss. This means if you're casting something with a low cast time, you may get five stacks before you realize it. This is OK as long as you stop casting.

A work around for Unchained magic is that wanding is not a spell, so when you have your stacks, if you want to be risky and try casting, you can, or you can actually use that stat stick you carry around with you.

Finally, in phase three, rather than keeping the two tanks together, they had them at opposite ends of the dragon.

Once you were marked for freezing, you would run towards the current front leg. There you would be frozen and everyone would try to break the block. The tank at the other end would taunt and she would be facing away from the raid.

I don't know what advantage this gave over having the two tanks next to each other (it ended up not working- no down). But it seemed to be an interesting strategy. However, I would like to try the first two phases their style, as that worked very well. Phase three, though, I think, should be done the Tankspot way.

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