Friday, June 18, 2010

On the trail again

So about a year ago, with some guildies, I went down to Booty Bay and slaughtered every guard there.


Then I did a quick little quest to get my pretty little achievement, my hat and my uniform and got my rep with the Bloodsail Buckaneers to Honored. Go me!

Then I began the painful task of bringing my goblin rep back up. I managed to get about halfway out of hated (started at a 1/4 out) by running Dire Maul too many times.

So I started killing pirates south of Ratchet. They are Southshore pirates, and are unaffiliated with the Bucks- so its all clear sailing there.

Anyways, I've killed the several thousand that I need (at 5.5 rep per) to get my rep with Ratchet up to Neutral.

The other parts of the Steamwheedle Cartel still hate me, so I have to go through Hostile and Unfriendly phases with them.

But now I can do low level quests for those short little guys in Ratchet, and that will be more entertaining than killing pirates over and over again while on auto-run.

Yeah, I want to get to exalted with them. I'm Insane in the Membrane.

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