Sunday, June 13, 2010

Another Rogue Story

So, a standard test for a Rogue is to nab the Scarlet Key without killing any of the mobs in the SM Library.

In a kind of jerk move, I queued for the library and walked to the doan. There, I picked up my key and considered porting out.

Then I realized that I (in my heirlooms) could try and challenge myself. So I blew my cooldowns and tried to solo a level 34 boss at 37.

As a Rogue, I can be fairly disruptive to a caster mob. I begin by kicking him during his first cast, and then dismantling his weapon. From then on I proceed to wallop him with my strikes and heal my self.

I didn't quite manage to take him down, and I ported out before I died.

In any case, stealthing around is fun, and being an invisible killing machine is fun too.

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