Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nice people

Nice people? On the internet? HA!

Yeah, I had gotten the impression from many places that everybody in heroics is all about gearscore, speed and doing as much damage as they can.

However, I have yet to experience it. There are several reasons for it. First off, my main (Alenena) is geared enough to tank ICC-25, this satisfies the GS group. Then, because of this ridiculous amount of gear, I can run quickly through instances pulling up to three or four packs of mobs at once, so the people who desire speed are happy. Then, since my gear is ridiculous, I can hold threat off pretty much everybody I see, so they can go crazy.
Thus, I never hear any complaints on my paladin.

On my warlock, I generally only run with guildies, and as we are a social guild, we don't really care what happens so long as we get what we want- fun.
Thus, I never hear any complaints on my warlock.

My Death Knight is managed to get to the Defense cap quickly, and began running heroics. His gear is awful, he can't pull more than one pack at a time and people have to watch their DPS or pull off him.
However, I have yet to hear any complaints on my Death Knight.

In my last heroic (VH) I saw that one of the DPS (shaman) had ICC-10/25 gear and could probably pull 5-7k dps. This means that he would have pulled off me in under a second. However, when I mentioned I might have difficulty keeping up with him, he just settled into chain-casting Lightning Bolt, and ended up topping the charts with about 2.5k.

So, go figure, nice people on the webz.

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