Saturday, June 5, 2010

Death by Paladin

Its been a while since I've done one of these and well, I think I was putting it off because this is my class. Its special to me.

Holy: The first spec to look at is Holy. Much like a resto druid, it would be sad if a Holy Pally killed you, but not as sad. I mean, you would be hammered, stunned, and smote many times in various ways. At least you would know that you were going to go to heaven when you died, for there would be no trace of evil left in you at all.

Protection: See, in this  case a soldier encased in golden armor will fly from the heavens and smite you with his shield. Then hammer, shield, hammer, shield, in a nice rotation that gives him maximum destruction on your face. Even if you and a few friends wail on him, he can just sit there and soak it. With broad, powerful swings he can hit multiple enemies and he even stole Captain America's shield.

Retribution: So, another soldier encased in golden armor begins to smite you. However, its not hammer and shield. No, its hammer, sword, hammer, sword, storm of death and light. And then you fall over, neatly minced by bright yellow and gold holy weapons piercing your armor.

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